Brittany Blomsterberg Teaches Partners to Embrace Their Unique Beacons Of Light With Attention, Body & Soul Training

The Short Version: Brittany Blomsterberg ended up being into marriage and family members therapy from a young age, thus she spent above 10 years in school learning to come to be a therapist. As time passes, her focus shifted from therapy to training, and she uses a combination of strategies — such as for instance yoga and Reiki — to aid consumers connect with and start to become their own Beacon of Light, as she describes their particular interior important beauty. Brittany stresses head, body, and heart so the whole staying can treat. The woman exercise includes throughout individual an internet-based classes, and she plans to offer a retreat where individuals can come to treat, refresh, and loosen up. You can get touching Brittany at (818) 269-7903 or via email at

Brittany Blomsterberg understood from an early age that she wished to assist individuals comprehend on their own. That passion led their in relation to locating their religious recovery exercise whereby she assists customers find out and accept their own real selves to enable them to attain the longevity of their particular desires. She in addition finds it rather satisfying.

«my entire life is really what i’d like it to be,» she said.

In the same manner Brittany accepted the woman gifts to greatly help alter life, she wishes the woman clients to feel confident discussing their unique gifts with other people — which could change a lot more physical lives to make worldwide a far better spot for every person.

Brittany works together with men and women on their quest to exposing their particular Divine Self. She thinks everybody is currently great but might need to remove outside layers that cover right up their particular correct selves.

Through many methods — including religious mentoring, yoga, and Reiki — Brittany guides clients through a natural recovery process. Throughout the years she actually is honed her natural power to determine what clients require, and she trusts her intuition to steer all of them on their quest. She attracts on her behalf academic background and years of knowledge to assist consumers end up being the Beacons of Light these include meant to be.

Consumers who do work with Brittany can learn how to love by themselves because they’re, discover unexploited skills, and uncover gift suggestions capable use to further the purpose of their particular lives.

a change From wedding and household Therapy

«we started seeing a therapist within age of 10 and fell in love with the whole process of therapy and studying myself,» said Brittany. A top college psychology course assisted her know that she wanted to go after it as a lifetime career, and she invested the next decade learning about marriage and family treatment.

Within her 20s, Brittany started to know that she was actually trapped in an unhealthy commitment and she planned to know how it had taken place. She mentioned she was actually baffled of the knowledge due to the fact, as a trained expert, she realized the symptoms of punishment. This experience led the woman to open up her eyes beyond therapy and inside in-depth study of theology and spirituality, whereby she journeyed to Thailand to submerge herself in Eastern believed.

She learned to listen to her intuition and set up a further knowledge of the human experience. That is when she discovered something special for hearing beyond her sensory faculties to other individuals. «I becamen’t conscious that we had that capacity until we explored spirituality and transitioned into training,» said Brittany, «i needed become a lot more present-focused which help individuals progress, not stay stuck in past times.»

Brittany finished her commitment and took her own information — she moved ahead.

She then worked as a Tony Robbins mentor and took her rehearse to a new level. While she loved their growth through it, she understood anything ended up being missing out on.

«we noticed i desired to add my personal learnings of spirituality during my practice and set up my very own alternative approach,» Brittany stated. She went on to create a course that she uses with clients today.

a natural method of Healing That Helps individuals be the ideal type of Themselves

Brittany doesn’t follow a conventional mentoring model, but alternatively requires an alternative look at her consumers and develops comprehensive ways of help them.

«I simply take a mind, body, and spirit strategy in my own training,» Brittany said. Through methods she discovered in university, she covers the mentality of customers to assist them work through dilemmas. She delivers yoga in in an effort to treat the mind and body by utilizing movements which happen to be good for his or her needs.

Brittany also incorporates the old Japanese healing technique Reiki to assist clients heal and minimize their stress levels. She actually is licensed as a Reiki II practitioner, where she utilizes gentle touch to improve electricity imbalances in the body, mind, and character. Ever since the exercise just isn’t religion-based, it’s advantageous to everyone, no matter their faith.

«I believe that when people finds Reiki, these were led to it for reasons. Through Reiki, customers figure out how to trust their health to treat by themselves; their own electricity does the work, and I’m the facilitator,» Brittany said. She makes use of Reiki to clear places that injury happens to be presented on a cellular degree in the body, letting her clients to go back to states of convenience and peace.

She in addition understands when each customer encounters an important move. «personally i think an energy trend undertake my own body when my clients release another covering that were preventing all of them from connecting on their Divine personal,» Brittany said.

The Brittany’s most impactful client achievements tales are the ones of people who met the love of their life after receiving the woman solutions. Some clients that parents report which they have even better connections the help of its kids, while others have actually sent Brittany messages saying their own resides tend to be shining thus brightly that they’re capable of making major changes — like understanding how to love by themselves.

Strategies Include Chakra Clearing Workshops and Tropical Retreats

Brittany deals with clients in lots of ways. The woman regional clients typically see personally so that they can get all the benefits associated with Reiki, yoga, in addition to various other modalities that she brings to mentoring.

For long-distance clients, Brittany supplies mentoring phone calls via phone or Skype, and will even start power recovery over the phone. Periods are held consistently — often once a week — therefore consumers can obtain energy in their healing and change. Brittany in addition deals with individuals through multiple-session classes and activities. One particular, a 7-Week Chakra cleaning Workshop, is currently training players how exactly to rebalance their particular seven full of energy facilities through training, hookup, Reiki, yoga, and reflection strategies.

«I’m prepared for bringing people on with me. A lot of people have various gifts, plus it’d be a beautiful knowledge to bring everything together.» — Brittany Blomsterberg, Spiritual Healer

She is in the process of preparing an intimate escape where others can join the girl in an attractive, exotic area — Thailand and Bali have been in the running — enjoy the effective effectation of leaving their own normal atmosphere, taking place a technology fast, and experiencing elements of different cultures.

Brittany is actually looking at partnering together with other specialists to supply acupuncture, yoga, and various other healing methods when it comes down to event.

«i am available to providing people on beside me. A lot of people have different gifts, and it’d end up being an attractive experience to take every little thing collectively,» stated Brittany.


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