Do I need to Block an Ex from My Social Media?

That depends on some things. Are you currently nevertheless neighbors with your ex-girlfriend? If that’s the case, subsequently positively keep her on your Facebook buddy listing and also as a Twitter follower. I really believe that ladies and men is generally friends — like genuine, platonic pals.

Assuming your brand-new love interest provides a problem with an ex posting friendly situations on your own fb page, next she actually is probably insecure about herself or insecure about your connection. Nobody should ever let you know just who getting pals with. Keep in mind that.

In contrast, if situations failed to stop really with you along with your ex-girlfriend, this may be’s probably better to reduce links all together. You dont want to end up being from your Facebook web page for more than five hrs and return to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos films. Will you? Deleting exes off the social networking is certainly not a black and white topic.

Your choice should be measured on what things happened to be left.

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